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Homesteading renter wanted for 40-acre farm in Dov

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Looking for a person or couple with some gardening experience to start a small organic garden and care for up to 12 chickens. Tiny house accommodations are provided (or you’re welcome to use your own tiny house; we have an electric hook-up). Rent is $200/month plus some of the vegetables grown in the garden (for a family of 3). Some maintenance of the property would be expected, and possibly care of a few goats and/or ponies. Rent could be reduced for building projects (e.g., tree house or another tiny house for the property), as well as for occasional cooking. You will be the only person/people on the property the majority of the time. A good match for this opportunity is a person or couple who is familiar with the peace and solitude of country living, is interested in small-scale farming, is fairly ambitious, enjoys self-directed projects, doesn’t smoke, and is very responsible. The farm is about 80 miles from Philadelphia and 50 miles from Rehoboth Beach. Family and friends would be welcome to visit. The property has a mix of woodland, wetland, agricultural fields, and ponds, with catch-and-release fishing in 1 of the 3 ponds. No hunting or guns are permitted on the property. You must already have or be willing to purchase health insurance. Although the farm is not a particularly dangerous place, we know accidents can happen and we want you to be taken care of should you get hurt on or off the farm. If you’re interested in this opportunity and think you might be a good fit, please email: It would be helpful for you to provide: 1. A letter of introduction telling us about yourself, why you think you would be a good fit for this opportunity, and your interests and aspirations. 2. A resume including demographics (name, phone number, age, address, email), educational background, accomplishments, jobs, and travels. List any particular skills you may have whether or not you think they may be helpful on the farm. 3. A photo, or photos, would be nice. Not that we care what you look like, but that will allow us to match a face with your letter. We are entirely open to all ethnicities and orientations. 4. References are not required upfront, but if we proceed through the process and meet with you on the farm we will also want to talk with a few individuals with whom you have lived and worked.