Organic straw, delivered please

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Help us to grow a limited variety of produce on three acres of our existing fields at Gravity Hill Farm in Titusville, NJ ( to donate to area emergency feeding sites. We promote sustainable, less-till agricultural practices and educate to connect the community with our important mission of increasing access to fresh, local produce for our neighbors in need, turning local food pantries into farmers markets. RHFR ( has been growing their food rescue gleaning organization over the last ten years and now has partnerships with 43 local farms and more than 60 hunger-relief recipient agencies. We are looking for the perfect candidate to oversee all farm-related hands-on activities for our growing operation. There will be a dedicated RHFR staff member to help supervise the groups of volunteers, who will be onsite on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings from 9-11am to assist our farmer with any tasks needed to fulfill the mission—including planting, weeding and harvesting. The farmer will live on the farm in private, fully furnished housing. Since all produce will be grown for donation, the normal farm duties of sales and marketing are not required. Excellent organizational, communication and documenting skills are essential for the successful management of the donation farm operation.