2021 Orchardist, Infusion fruit & Pick your own ap

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Ironbound Farm located in Hunterdon County is a 108 Acre preserved farm in the Highlands region of New Jersey. Our farm is a diversified operation which practices Regenerative Agriculture. The property consists of 45 acres of forest and wetlands and 50 Acres of Silvopastured orchards integrated with annual crops, livestock, infusion fruits, herbs and flowers. Additionally, we have about half an acre of high tunnels and low tunnels for year-round production of salad greens and roots. Our farm is also the home of Ironbound Hard Cider and a tasting room where we are producing ciders year-round, have lunch and dinner service seasonally, private and public events and educational activities. For the 2021 Farming season we are looking for a group of hardworking and eager to learn individuals to join our team. The individuals we hope to hire are team players, good communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Willing to work rain or shine and in some cases from sunup to sundown. Orchard, Infusion, Pick your own apprentice: Prerequisites: 1. 1+ year experience working with perennial fruit crops 2. Minimum 1-year experience farming 3. Knowledge and experience with nuts and small fruit We are looking for an individual who has some experience working with perennial fruiting crops specifically apples but also includes small fruits such as, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currents, beach plums, strawberries etc. We have roughly 6000 trees on our farm ranging from 6 years to 2 years old planted in various ways. We have a 1.5-acre block of cider apples planted on trellis, a 1.5-acre block of French varietals planted on M7 root stock, as well as 5000 trees just planted in 2020 in a British Hedgerow/silvopasture system. We also have 2 acres of infusion fruits planted in the fall of 2019 that consist of gooseberries, currants, and elderberries. For 2021 we plant to begin installing a 1.5-acre block of pick-your-own fruit consisting of but not limited to strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. All our orchards are integrated into some sort of our livestock operation, so this role is completely integrated into working with livestock on a nearly daily basis. This role involves the following: 1. 35-45 hours a week February – November 2. Pruning and training trees and shrubs 3. Mulching crops 4. Mowing and weed whacking 5. Spraying for fungus, insect, fertility, bacteria 6. Operating equipment such as tractors, sprayers, mowers etc. 7. Planting trees and shrubs 8. Working with livestock team in moving livestock through orchards 9. Working and coordinating with produce team regarding management in silvopasture where annuals are alley cropped in between tree rows. 10. Harvest 11. Good communication skills and ability to work with others.