Looking to hire a farmer to plant willow bushes on

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Hi I am in the willow branch business and I\'m looking to work out a deal with a farmer to plant willow bushes for me and I will pay a set amount for each stick that grows and is cut.( or am open to any payment arrangements you would like to propose) Willow bushes are fairly easy to grow it requires water, getting pesticides sprayed & potentially finding some sort of chemicals to make them stronger and nicer...I will need it cut just once a year later September when I need them all for my custumers. I will like to start with about 350 bushes and potentially grow to thousands of bushes if my crop comes out good.... I have a lot of thick branches we can start off with. Please respond to this post with what farm experience you have & what type of arrangement will make this be able to happen so we can have a long term successful relationship.