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Tractor operator/cultivation and seeding specialis

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Honey Brook Organic Farm is looking for someone who may have several years of apprenticeship under their belt and wants to take their skill-set to the next level. Since 1991, we have been growing wholesome 100% certified organic vegetable, fruit and dried bean crops for a 3500 member CSA near Princeton, NJ with 120 acres in production. So you will have a real direct impact on improving the health of over 7000 farm members with your special talents. Just to keep things interesting, we have, in recent years, added persimmon, hardy kiwi, paw paw, Asian chestnut, fig tunnels, apricot, nectarine, Asian plum and peach tunnels and high-density dwarf apple orchards. Responsibilities include tractor cultivation using Ford 1710 offset tractors, mudder tractors set up with front hitch mounted multi-row bed cultivators with finger weeders, flex time cultivators, rolling cultivators, stale bed units, we have it all at your disposal! Position also involves side dressing, seeding, orchard mulching, compost application, etc. Shared housing is available in recently renovated Colonial-era house with geothermal heat/AC in historic Chesterfield, NJ.