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Growing space for Gourmet Mushrooms

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Husband and wife team launched a mushroom farm in 2017; first year in market demonstrated good potential for growth and are looking to expand our operation in 2018. We are searching for land with infrastructure (water and electricity) to lease within reasonable distance of Bridgewater, Somerset County to set up grow room (minimum 300 square feet). Potential structures we can use include a greenhouse, shed, barn, stables, etc. We are also open to building a greenhouse if utilities are accessible. A nice to have, but optional at this time, is indoor space with utilities to store straw bales and make blocks on which the mushrooms grow. We would like to have classes/workshops to educate public on edible mushrooms, and other farming and sustainable practices. This would bring new customers to the leased farm. Open to partnership to support leased farm in exchange for use of land and infrastructure.