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Agriculture Internship

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Agriculture Internship available at Duke Farms through the Student Conservation Association. Position will include field maintenance, tending and harvesting crops, daily animal care (poultry and cattle), assisting with projects in the community garden and permaculture garden, and providing visitor education on agriculture related topics during our weekly farmers market. This 24 week position includes housing and a weekly stipend. The opportunity of Agriculture Intern at Duke Farms was created to assist the Duke Farms Sustainable Agriculture and Community Garden teams in developing and maintaining a multifaceted sustainable agriculture program. Duke Farms currently runs one of the nation’s largest community gardens, and we are establishing permaculture gardens, our own grass based beef operation, a small vegetable growing operation, and a small egg-laying chicken. Duke Farms is dedicated to improving wildlife habitat while building soil and the agricultural value of our land. In addition, Duke Farms seeks to conduct its stewardship and agricultural activities in a way that demonstrates sustainability and best practices, and which not only limits carbon emissions but also sequesters carbon in soils and vegetation while improving the quality of wildlife habitats and the fertility and organic content of our soils. If interested please visit Feel free to contact me with questions, however applications must be submitted through the Student Conservation Association.