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Zone 7 is leading the farm to table movement in the Mid-Atlantic, we are a 100% local, farm-fresh distribution company connecting farms with restaurants, grocers and schools. If it’s produced in this region, we offer it; fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, mushrooms, eggs, honey, cheese, value-added and grain products 52 week of the year. Zone 7 is a fast-growing business; we started in 2008 with 10 farms & 10 customers and we now work with 116 farms and over 400 wholesale customers. We are growing the supply-side and pushing the envelope to make local food as accessible as the global supply chain. We now employ 25 staff, all of whom are passionate about farms and food! Most members of the Zone 7 team have farming or cooking experience, we all love food, and we care deeply about what we do and have a great time doing it. Furthermore, we conduct business with integrity and have earned the trust of our growers and customers. GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: We are looking for an individual with industry experience and a proven track record in Operations Management. As the Operations Manager, you are responsible for directing all activities necessary to operate and support our entire logistics operation through our warehouse, distribution, and supply departments at maximum efficiency. You will perform a variety of management, administrative, as well as physical functions to ensure profitability. You are key member of the Senior Management Team, will report directly to the Founder and CEO, and will collaborate with all staff to ensure & constantly improve operational safety, quality and efficiency within the warehouse and on the road. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: -Designs and oversees day-to-day business operations to ensure Safety, Quality and Efficiency. Provides guidance to Managers with day-to-day decision-making and problem solving in the following ways: -Distribution: Oversees and guides Manager to develop distribution schedules that ensure maximum use and efficiency of Zone 7 drivers and vehicles; to improve systems for timely and efficient delivery; to develop best practices for pick-up and deliveries; to improve systems for communication with drivers; to improve systems for regular vehicle care and maintenance; to improve Zone 7 driving training and safety program, proper staffing, and more. -Warehouse: Oversee and guide Manager to ensure efficient use of space; to improve systems for receiving, quality and inventory management, order picking and shipping, the safety and general care, cleaning, and maintenance of warehouse and refrigeration units; to improve Zone 7 warehouse training program, proper staffing, and more. -Effectively communicate daily details of the operation with all subordinates, peers, and upper management. -Motivates, educates, and supervises assigned personnel. Additionally, the Operations Manager is responsible for: -Metrics: Create and track metrics to measure performance of all departments and/or employees. Translates metrics into tangible goals for improving team performance. This could include developing a rewards and recognition program. -Quality: Design Zone 7 supply chain processes to ensure optimum quality. -Comparative Research: Perform industry research on best operational practices. -Works closely with the Sales Manager to drive efficiencies and, generally on problem solving, issue resolution, and process management. -Strive to achieve world-class customer service and operations systems. -Assist in establishing and managing productivity and service methods & measures to ensure highly efficient and low cost processes are utilized. -Assist in the development and implementation of productivity standards and goals in support of the company business plan and best practices. -Review and evaluate cost effectiveness, consistency, quality, accuracy, and performance to company standards and take action as necessary to correct discrepancies. -Assure effective customer service by implementing processes to deliver accurate and complete orders of quality products on-time. -Oversee the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedure documentation and execution. -Oversee and improve food safety program. Assure compliance of distribution center’s operations with company policies as well as federal, state, and local regulations, including but not limited to all food safety, DOT, and OSHA compliance. QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE JOB: Experience & Requirements:  -Must have a minimum of 5 years’ of Operations Management experience, specifically managing a team of at least 2 higher-level staff and at least 10 hourly employees. -Must have experience in the distribution and warehousing of perishable products, especially produce. -General knowledge of modern warehouse & inventory practices as well as computer-based inventory platforms. -Experience in a seasonal business is desired but not required. -Knowledge of and comfort with routing techniques and software, preferably WorkWave. -Comfort in a team environment -Willingness and ability to work long hours in the summer. -Ability to prepare reports and maintain accurate records. -Proficiency in Excel & have an aptitude to learn new software applications Salary and Benefits: 50,000 - $75,000, with opportunity for quarterly bonus for beating previous year and upcoming year budget. 3 weeks paid vacation and 6 paid sick days.