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Seasonal Sustainable Agriculture Assistant

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Opportunity at Duke Farms : The Seasonal Sustainable Agriculture Assistant is a member of the Natural Resources & Agroecology team. They will be responsible for collaborating with the Manager of Sustainable Agriculture and Community Garden Coordinator at DF on the maintenance of a small-scale farming operation that will supply the DF Café with produce from hoophouse and field production as well as supporting the 60-layer hen operation. The individual will specifically contribute to the implementation of Duke Farms multi-faceted agriculture program, including the rotationally grazed beef herd, greenhouse production, permaculture, annual crops (till and no-till), perennial crops, innovative cover crop/green manure practices, on site compost production, and marketing through our own farm to table market and may be called upon to support other aspects of the farm if needed. The Seasonal Sustainable Agriculture Assistant will have the option to reside at Duke Farms, as a condition of his/her employment, in housing provided by DF and subject to the DF Housing Protocols.\' Day-to-day Operations: All aspects of farm work, in all extremes of weather, including, but not limited to: Irrigation, weeding, seeding, transplanting, greenhouse propagation/production, mowing, livestock care, haying, harvest, paddock layout, fencing installation and maintenance, and marketing; Coordinate with other DF staff as needed to address necessary maintenance of facilities, equipment and machinery. For full job description and to apply please visit: