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Farming Assistant

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Seasonal employment on small farm in Warren County, NJ growing for farmers markets and farm stand. Job will primarily involve wide ranging responsibilities in the market garden including planting, weeding, irrigation and harvesting. Additional work may include help in care of goat herd, fencing, and harvesting hay. Knowledge and familiarity with small tractors and farm equipment a plus. Compensation negotiable, based upon experience and includes individual share of vegetables and fruit from farm. Flexible hours, up to full time during season, possible part time before and after season. Farm Description Kimballs Farm owned and operated by Kent and Mary Kimball is located in Warren County NJ near the Delaware Water Gap in western NJ. The market garden consists of 3 acres of intensively planted vegetables grown for two weekend farmers markets, email orders, and a farm stand. Kent has been growing vegetables following intensive, natural and organic practices for over 40 years. In addition to the market garden we have acres in production of hay, pasture for a small herd of goats and heritage grains.