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Manager, Education

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The Manager of Education is a senior member of the Duke Farms management team. This person is responsible for identifying, creating and developing Duke Farms’ public education, training, and demonstration/modeling programs, ensuring a clear, consistent and strategic alignment with the Program Plan and the overarching mission and vision for Duke Farms. In addition, this person has responsibility for managing and maintaining current programmatic relationships, as well as identifying new educational partnership opportunities with like-minded mission-fit organizations. The Manager will have teaching experience, as well as experience in planning and executing public education programs for academic, professional, and general family audiences, preferably in a non-profit and information learning environment. He/she will use his/her knowledge of inquiry and investigation based teaching, interpretative programs and techniques, and formal education requirements and trends to provide engaging, informative and memorable experiences focused on environmental sustainability and stewardship. The Manger will be a talented collaborator able to identify and maximize external and internal programmatic resources. He/she will adapt successful programs and ideas to the Duke Farms environment, and engage other like-minded organizations and individuals to establish and cultivate advantageous relationships. The Manager of Education’s other primary role is the responsible for identifying, creating and developing Duke Farms’ visitor education and interpretation programs. In addition, this position has responsibility for managing year-round and seasonal part-time Front Desk Educational Staff to orient and educate our visitors the 6 days a week Duke Farms is open, including weekends and holidays. For more details and instructions on how to apply, visit