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Homesteading Series: Get Growing

Homesteading Series: Get Growing

Homesteading Workshop Series

with Matt Wilkinson of Hard Cider Homestead

Successful homesteaders have the ability to grow, harvest and make use of all that they produce. These skills were normally passed down from generation to generation, but such knowledge has been lost in many families. This series of five classes offers the opportunity to reclaim some of those lost skills and knowledge while creating new friends and great resources. Interested registrants can sign up for all five workshops for $200 or individually for $50 each.


The following workshops will be offered:

Get Growing (May 4th) Dig into the topic of growing your own vegetables. Learn such techniques as: succession and rotational planting, using trap crops and beneficial flowers. Explore the development of compost, soil enrichment through cover crops and using compost teas. Participants will walk away with site selection and soil analysis awareness, while participating in seeding techniques.

Don’t Be Chicken (June 1st) Poultry offers the homesteader a wealth of valuable products. Experience how to set up your own chicken nursery (brooder) while learning the differences between meat birds and laying hens. See a “chicken tractor” in use while learning how to set up a healthy hen house. *There will be a separate add-on class of poultry processing for those interested on June 22nd.

Garlic (July 13th) The king of the garden, garlic provides a wealth of culinary and health benefits. It is easy to grow, providing the homesteader with such products as garlic scape pesto, powdered garlic, braided garlic, medicine for animals, and cloves galore. Class participants will learn all the ins and outs of growing and using both soft and hard neck garlic. 

Fruits Of Our Labor (September 14th) Fall is when the rubber hits the road for homesteaders, the time of year for canning, preserving, drying and storing all that has been grown. Participants will learn hands-on processes for canning such things as tomatoes and fruit jellies and will also learn the difference between hot water bath canning and pressure canners for non-acid foods. 

Meat Matters (November TBD) Farm animal husbandry is a staple of most homesteaders. Experience the joys of raising your own sheep and hogs, while learning what these animals need to be happy and healthy. Participants will walk away with knowledge covering: housing, feed, fencing and birthing. *There will be a separate add-on class opportunity for interested participants to learn how to make their own sausage. 

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