Organic Policy & Advocacy

Since its inception in 1985, NOFA NJ has shaped organic farming and food systems in New Jersey and nationally through policy action, outreach, and advocacy. Through strategic partnerships and powerful coalitions, NOFA NJ’s policy work has led to the establishment of the New Jersey Organic Certification program along with many other notable accomplishments throughout food and agriculture.

Regular Policy & Advocacy activities include:

  • NOFA-Wide Collaboration on National Policies through NOFA Interstate Council
  • Providing input as internal stakeholder on bills important to NOFA NJ and our farming community
  • Supporting legislation in NJ and US that protects farmers and defends the health of environment
  • Cooperating with fellow organizations seeking to protect farmland and the environment
  • Providing advocacy, guidance, and assistance to NJ farmers seeking representation
  • Serving as a Representative delegate within state, county and national agricultural meetings and conventions
  • Forming relationships to provide guidance, input and feedback to NJ senators and representatives

Recent Policy achievements include:

NOFA NJ Policy – Focus Areas

Soil Health

NOFA NJ has submitted three consecutive resolutions to enact funding for soil health initiatives (see also NOFA NJ Soil Heath Sub-Committee):




NOFA NJ Healthy Soil Sub-Committee

Community Food Security

NOFA NJ supports partner organizations and NJ farmers to promote Community Food Security and increase healthy food access for all residents throughout the state

Farmer Representation

NOFA NJ strives to represent the needs and challenges facing organic and regenerative farmers throughout the state. Attendance and participation in county, state, and national agricultural and food system meetings and conventions provides our farming community a seat at the table.


Environmental Protection

Organic and regenerative agriculture serves as a model for environmental protection and restoration. In choosing to farm organically, farmers commit to improving the health of their soils, watersheds, wildlife, and community. 

NOFA NJ advocates for and supports initiatives aimed at furthering conservation, environmental protection, and increasing the amount of organically-managed land in New Jersey.

Legislative Engagement

NOFA NJ works to cultivate lasting partnerships with State and National legislators, government staff, and stakeholders year-round. Presence and participation in the legislative process raises awareness of issues affecting our farmers and food system and supports the passing of legislation and regulations that is beneficial to the organic farming community. 

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Cali Alexander, Policy Committee Chair:



NOFA NJ Invited to Provide Testimony at Assembly Ag & Food Security Meeting

On November 30, 2022, NOFA NJ Policy Committee Chair Cali Alexander and Executive Director Devin Cornia attended the NJ Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee. NOFA NJ was invited to provide testimony regarding the impact warehouse development is having on...

NOFA NJ Hosts Farm Bill Field Day

The Farm Bill is America's most impactful and important piece of legislation, affecting farming, food systems, food access, conservation, and much more. Being so large and complex, many only view the farm bill in a basic sense: Congress deliberates and agrees on...

NJDA Reinventing its Approach for Supporting Organic Agriculture in NJ

In January 2022, Certified Organic farmers throughout New Jersey received a letter from the NJ Department of Agriculture announcing that it would be "transitioning our service from inspection and certification to organic education, marketing and development which will...

NOFA NJ Celebrates Passage of Neonics Bill!

The New Jersey Assembly passed legislation A2070 (Calabrese)/S1016 (Smith) on Monday January 10,2022, to classify bee-killing neonicotinoids, also known as neonics, as restricted use pesticides. The law prohibits most outdoor non-agricultural uses of harmful...

Policy Partners & Collaborators

NJ Conservation Foundation

The mission of New Jersey Conservation Foundation is to preserve land and natural resources throughout New Jersey for the benefit of all

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

NSAC advocates for federal policy reform for the sustainability of food systems, natural resources, and rural communities.

Agricultural Justice Project

The Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) works to transform the existing agricultural system, seeking empowerment, justice and fairness for all who labor from farm to retail. 

Pinelands Preservation Alliance

The mission of Pinelands Preservation alliance is to preserve the Pine Barrens ecosystem, promote wide public engagement in their preservation, and advance acquisition of land and development rights by private and public conservation agencies.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

The National Organic Coalition (NOC) is a national alliance of organizations working to provide a “Washington voice” for farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, consumers and others who care about organic agriculture.